Frequently Asked Questions

Use the web page

How can I display the text?

Hover the image on computers. Click the image on mobile devices.

How can I hide the text on mobile devices?

Click the image again (not on the text).

How can I follow the html link?

When clicking on the displayed text, a new window will open with a search for the latin name on DuckDuckGo.

About the flowers

What books do you use?

The books I use most are:
- Flora Helvetica: French and German versions available.
- Flora des Kantons Bern: German.
- Der BLV Pflanzenführer für unterwegs: German.
- Bestimmungsschlüssel zur Flora der Schweiz: German.

What web pages do you use?

The web sites I use most are:
- Flora Helvetica: available in DE/FR/IT.
- Tele Botanica: available in FR/EN.
- The Plant List: available in EN.

How (and where) do you take the pictures?

When I'm walking around the mountains, I'm taken macros of nearly every flower I can see. Back at home, I find out what it is and publish it to the web.

What are these languages?

Latin, French, German and Italian.

What are the different versions?

- Order-Genus: sort by Order-Genus-Latin names.
- Latin: sort by Latin names.
- French / German / Italian: sort by a given language.
- Color: sort by flowers color.

Making of & Software

What software do you use to create the web site?

Nothing else than a better text editor to write the code and a simple picture editor to resize these images (Preview).

Why did you create this web page?

The first version was "just for fun" to learn some new CSS commands. After several comments about enhancements, I changed the concept and made a fully usable page.

What technologies are used?

There's only one PHP page that does everything:
- it reads into an array a CSV file containing all the information;
- it sorts the array using the specified column;
- it generates the HTML code that displays the gallery.

Interface Problems

What browsers are supported?

Any newer browser should support that page.

Why is it that slow to load the page?

It always takes time to download more than 250 pictures...